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I don't want to go to hell. If you believe you will not perish. You must believe that God sent His Son. I believe God loved me like that, therefore, it's not possible for me to go to hell. There is Which judges us, yet we don't judge Him. The limitless limiter of all. And if you expect His justification, must you not at least justify Him. And if He care for you, why not He care for your neighbour. So treat your neighbour well. We can't get along without thinking well of That Unseen behind us. The agnostics are at risk of hell, they're not safe, because they return not justification to their Producer. The tool crafted shouldn't say to it's maker, you're a bad tool-maker. Either the agnostic goes to dirt or hell. But the believer to heaven or dirt. As far as fulfilment in this world- that doesn't come from living on easy street with he devil. Even that isn't even guaranteed anyway. And so I must confess, God wants all men to repent and go to heaven. If God had His way, no one would be in hell. There's forgiveness with God. He gave His Son, we killed Him. Turn to God from your sin.

Some good resources to help you:

Audio Bible:

My favorite audio Bible is by Stephen Johnson. An alternative download of the same here. A third, just in case alternative of the same here.

2.The Enacted Bible from "Faith Cometh by Hearing" keeps you awake, lot's of sound effects.

3.Here's a man reading the Bible. Plain.

4. On Youtube, you can probably find James Earl Jones (the man that did Vader's voice) doing the NT.

5. Alexander Scourby is popular. But I don't like the his roughness of his English accent. You can find him on Youtube and other places.

6A. The best Hebrew audio Bible is an old man who speaks clearly.

6B.There are a score of Greek audio Bibles online. Couldn't find the TR. There's a few on Youtube.

(Interesting to note, the KJV is closer to both the TR and WH than NASB. The NASB literally changes words to make it more like a story. The NASB, is considered the most conservative currently.)

Original language Bible:

Here is a look at the Bible alternating english KJV with Greek and Hebrew verses. KJV is black. Gk/Heb is blue. It is very easy to skim past the color your not looking at. But it's right there right when you need it. (Location, location, location)
Entire Bible PDF
Entire Bible Word document
As you may see, I colored what God does green. And what God/Jesus says, red. (For the prophets, only the Name is colored.) After all God is Who the Bible is about. Reformat and print as you wish. I could construct this Bible for you for a cost, just contact me. (I'll need an address to mail it to, of course.) Paypal seems to be a secure way to pay.
Here's a handy article on the text debate. Might also note, that the New Testament quotes from Septuigint not the Masoretic text constructed a millenium later. And the dead sea scrolls (~250BC) showed the Septuigint to be more correct.

Learning original languages:

If you want to learn Greek and Hebrew to memorize God's book in the original languages then you can start by ordering Van Pelt's basic cards. He sells both Gk 10+ and Heb 25+. Amazon has them. Christian book distributors also may have them. (Flash cards generally are arranged by word frequency, to make the most of your education. Greek New Testament Words Frequency 4-9 and Hebrew Old Testament Words Frequency 4-25 vocab cards can be made with Logos. If it wasn't for the copyright, I would give them to you here now. But alas you'll have to get Logos Gold cloud subscription for a month and make them yourself. BibleWorks can make you flashcards of infrequent words as well, but that's hundreds of dollars. (Actually, if you get familiar enough with the GkHeb alt-verse Bible I just talked about, you might not need flash cards.)

Library software:

Logos Collector's Edition library for nine thousand dollars seems like a waste of money when you could get better resources for free. A full time textual critic, might consider BibleWorks. But I don't see a pastor needing this. I have thousands of free and older resources at my finger tips without even an internet connection. After giving logos a test drive, I'm confident that I'm not missing out. (Besides, Googlebooks) CCEL is a online Christian library. Also you maybe interested in download all of Wikipedia offline: Xowa, 16 million webpages with images. It's free and under 100GB. TheWord. is actually a Bible search program but I use it for it's library. I have over a thousand public domain books on it from this site. Also I spent a few bucks and got a syntax search module. That way I can do powerful original language searches in both Testaments. I also like the TDNTa.

Bible search software:

I mainly use the old Esword program for Bible searching. I reviewed an hundred commentaries using theWord. John Gill is certainly the best, and Albert Barnes is a good complement. I judged them based on conciseness and thoroughness. In other words, I want a commentary that keeps the point and covers every phrase. This place sells the New International Commentary (latest/greatest) for only $270.

I also use BibleAnalyzer. It's faster/lighter and does Bible calculations of verses and contexts. It is very powerful for searching the KJV Bible, and Gk/Heb morph. I wouldn't use this one with books. I bought "Bible People and Places" module for $8 and "Strong's" for $2. Bible Peoples module is excellent (for example: 24 Zechariahs, which one is this?) and Strongs is good because you index it in all three languages. Dictionary of Bible Themes can be handy at times. This here makes a Bible Tree of words that come before or after.


To pray for people in the middle of getting saved, go to the live Billy Graham 24/7 watch. You want to counsel people or evangelize? To listen to problems in the secular realm, there's 7 cups.
For more direct counselling and telling the good news: Billy Graham Foundation and GroundWire, JesusCares and NeedHim.A list of crisis hotlines that you might want to join! Although, various facebook groups or even youtube comments may be places to put a good word.
Also there are a multitude of dirty language chat rooms that could use a verse about repentance. Living Waters provides some on line jokes and conversation starters.
A couple people made facebook ads targeting other, more needy countries. Sounds like an interesting idea, using google translate to make the advertisment and direct them to a premade tract in there respective language. Chick tracts and others are in several languages. Bible are in over two thousand languages through the internet. Joshua Project best details the scope of world missionary work. There is plenty of prayers/prayer groups on facebook! (Also, I wonder if taxi driving would be a good way to witness.) Another opportunity is housing college students and teaching foreigner students English!

Good things you can do:**********
Understand your peers
honor the aged
teach the youth
donate, volunteer, hug
speak well of a third person
encrourage someone to to these things
invest time in someone
pray, smile, write a note

Pray for the persecuted in these ways:**********
closeness to God
fellowship with Christ and other believers
verses to mind

small compared to gain
rejoice heaven
meet loved ones again

Father to fatherless, we're replaceable, it's His mission
examples of love, help each other
Opportunities to speak, right words, conversions
law and rulers elected, gov to see our benefit
Bibles, supplies, food
boldness instead of fear and shame

Handiest resource:

Balabolka uses Windows voices to read me tons of books. Simply copy and paste all the text you want and click read while your at the computer. Or else export it as an mp3.

After days of research and hundreds of dollars, I've found the best Bible for children. It's head and shoulders above the rest. The "Read and share- 200 story Bible." Also, the DVD is a three hour long animation based on the book. If you have children, get this! Nothing is perfect, but I don't think you'll find better. Accurate but fun, also simple and dynamic. The spirit behind this book feels sincere.

More handy resources:

TextMechanic is good for making sermons. It has useful text tools. To make your own flashcards. My favorite desktop thesaurus. My favorite online thesaurus.
Word search/length/descramble site. My simple vowel chart. Working with text, I've benefited particularly from WPS office and notepad++. I've tried a ton more... but I tell you of the tip top.

Other resources of interest:

MacArthur's college offers free video Bible courses.
Bob Utley has his entire through the Bible Commentary on Audio.
, his predecessor, does too.
And less fundamental Chuck Smith does too.
On Youtube David Pawson has more general book overviews rather than verse and chapter.
Bible.ca is terribly disorganized and interesting. They have a huge map of lots of cities. Both the outline and the timeline from BibleHub are good. OpenBible has the places of the Bible located if you want to find one. BibleDiagrams is interesting. HistoryCart is interesting. A little programming knowledge of .bat files and .html files may help you organize information. EarlyChristianWritings. By the way, you could listen to mp3 at work or in the car. I simply found a couple free medical dictionaries and an encyclopaedia pdf to go through, also Durant's world history is good or just a wiki sum or the years... (for dummies cost money btw)- Of course, the Bible or God knowledge is my favorite. ()Although, GOD'S WORD version is the absolute easiest version, having tested many, I don't like how inaccurate it is.) You can copy words off pdf books to Balabolka for listening. I'd give you links/downloads, but I don't want to infringe any copyrights. So, you'll have to do it yourself.

Favorite videos:
The gospel of Matthew enacted.
Best Exodus, by far.
Well done, Sodom and Gomorrah
Noah's ark (but keep volume muted.)


Very nice Grace Church Hymns. Here's some Great congregational singing. I like this forgiveness song. Here's a God's will/indecision song. And Sesamonte on Youtube has hundreds of good Menonite hymns. For midi(low quality digital intruments) hymn tunes, there's OpenHymnal. If you want to make your own music and make it sound like instruments are playing in an orchestra. I just use MuseScore. But for hundreds or thousands, there are a handful of higher performance software. I have a midi cable and so I can place notes by simply playing my keyboard.

For those learning piano: Homework is worthwhile. And practice purposefully, not carelessly. Scales and cords, fast and accurate. A song starts and ends on one, three, or five. The top note is what I pay attention to. Then I just throw in any chords I want below it, happy or sad. Most can develop playing by ear. When playing by ear feel the relationship/interval from one note to the next. It's not the notes, but the space between the notes. Does it go up or down? And how far? (Some memorize actual sounds as well.)

More interesting things:

Thomas Aquinas's Summa is a great theoretical read. Here's a chart of man from Aquinas. And I also enjoyed Baxter's practical Christian Directory- you can get a hard copy on Amazon. Book of Revelation Cartoon on youtube is neat. Also Ezekiel's vision and the temple animation. My two favorite tracts are LivingWater's tracts and Chicktracts. Chicktracts is starting to produce youtube cartoons of their tracts. Great idea. For Bible ebooks, my favorite simple single page Bible is found here at Gutenberg. But when I only want a book at a time, I use: MLibrary This kid is great at introducing you to the prenicene period. This guy is a long time student of apocryphal works. And no, the Nicene Fathers (Ante Nicene, Nicene, and Post Nicene) have not been put on audiobook. You could be the first and make some money selling it. I know of several people who want it. On Wikipedia you can find listed all the unicals, manuscripts, papyrus's, and lexionaries. History and philosophy classic audio books can be found at LibroVox. FreeChristianAudioBooks is good. I prefer books but some preachers like preaching from Sermon Audio. Also it's handy to have a Bible Atlas. I use an eighty dollar one called The Sacred Bridge. And here is answers to questions on Christian living. Questions answered by Catholics. Interesting mission quotes here. This is an interesting sermon. Sometimes, it's nice to listen to "a Spurgeon" audio sermon. Eusibius (early church) and Usshers (world) are good history books. I also enjoyed "A synoptic harmony of samuel,kings, and chronicles(:with Related Passages from Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezra)" by James Newsome. I also enjoyed, "Phrase by phrase Harmony of the Gospels: with Blended Narrative" by James Cummins. Here is my basic baptist doctrinal statement.

God knowledge:

On this Youtube channel you can listen to what the Bible says about God and Jesus condensed.
To see who God is according to the Bible, go here.
Also, this is Trinity verses, mostly NT

If you want a human recording of God knowledge/Doctrine, go here.

My video thoughts on the atonement.
(Text only- different version.) Against Penalty Substitution: We know that He suffered the crucifixion in His body. We cannot be dogmatic that He suffered beyond this. Yet even if Jesus was supposed to take the hurt which we deserve, why must He be counted bad. Most likely He did not suffer in the spirit, but used the same implications as the Psalmist. It seems that while Jesus suffered, He suffered as a righteous man, acceptable to God and united with His Father. He paid His Own obedience to the Father in all things. His obedience was to make us obedient. So in a way He paid us to God which was what we owed by Creation. Hurt is a result of sin, not a payment. Hell is not for payment, repentance might be. Substitutes aren't punished. Cross said that God wasn't ok with sin. Sacrifice mean that you should have obeyed, innocent slain. Atonement is against sin in general.

Theses are some good devotional books:
KJV harmony of Kings by James Newsome
KJV Phrase harmony of gospels by Cummins
Operation China by Paul Hattaway
People of Buddhist World by Paul Hattaway
Operation World by Jason Mandryk

Adam's chart of history is interesting. Did you know Shem was alive when Rebekah married Isaac?

About me:

Our family reads about a country each day for official morning prayer, and a chapter of God's book. Also, we all listen to the God's book each night. My wife personally prays for everyone and does her own chapter daily. She also prays a little with the children upon awaking and going to bed. Saturdays we try to always take off, and it's always fun to sing hymns.

To please God, the Only Significance, I love Him with all my heart and my neighbour as myself by internet soul winning and family development. I try to keep up to date on the healthiest diet for my children, and ensure good sleep and exercise for them. To output, I input my own sleep, money, and exercise. I enjoy a clean environment, without contention or fear. Despite my folly, God put me here.

The cheapest food is flour, but I couldn't live well on that long. I was able to live on mostly noodles for about four years. Besides this, protien is necessary. The cheapest protein is from nuts.com, the whey powder in bulk. I always buy bulk. Healthy, cheap, and fast. Lay not up treasure on earth. Set affections on things above. I suggest, have some emergency money and invest everything thing else into heaven. You'll not regret that. I expect to leave this world any time. I'll be buried or raptured, down or up. Make sure you win someone to righteousness while you still have time. You won't regret it.